Wardrobe Doors Customizable In Every Detail

Armoire Wardrobe Closet Glass Door

Wardrobe doors – Wall closet, cabinet, rack, multifunctional element are all solutions that allow you to free each room of the house from any embarrassment. Especially since these storage systems are customizable. The choice of facades and their finish, the opening and closing system also contribute to the optimization of space. Under the roofs, these clever storage spaces make it possible to invest every nook and cranny.

You have little room ? Opt for sliding wardrobe doors. You lack brightness? Choose a finish that reflects the light or doors with mirrors … Just because the sleeping area is small does not mean that you have to be overwhelmed by the mountains of clothes. Designed for tight spaces, this compact walk-in closet offers a beautiful storage area without eating too many square meters. Inside, shelves, drawers, rods and displays are customizable in every detail … just like the dimensions and doors of the model!

Everyone can create a unique dressing, adapted to their needs . As a bonus, the Nordic silhouette of the wardrobe slips easily into our contemporary interiors.  The problem with the furniture traditional bathroom, is that they often impinge on an already limited floor space. Better to adopt a wall wardrobe doors that does not clog the circulation of the bathroom. Choose a storage with a finish similar to the walls of the room

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