Wire Cube Storage Decor Ideas

DIY Wire Cube Storage Ideas

Wire cube storage is versatile storage pieces that can be easily stacked and arranged as desired depending on their use. Create pieces of furniture, such as coffee tables, with wire storage bins or use storage bins as wall storage for smaller houses and apartments. The cubes can be left unformatted, or you can decorate them by weaving ribbons through the cables.

Wire storage units can be fixed to the wall with screws or other instruments and arranged in a shelving format. Create horizontal lines or other configurations, such as square, diagonal, vertical or stepped shapes. Books can be arranged in each unit by type, such as cookbooks, interior design books, textbooks, fiction and nonfiction. Another option is to fix the lower storage units on the wall as a shelf of books in a child’s playroom.

Wire storage cubes can be converted into a coffee table that has storage areas. fastening bands can be used to hold the cubes together in a straight line or a square, depending on your preference; If creating a square shape, make sure that all parts are open for storage use. Flat pieces of wood or glass can be glued to the top to serve as a flat table. The storage space can be used for books; small boxes; or even decorative elements, such as small sculptures.

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